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Do I have to pay any extra fees for a health insurance advisor?

No, our AX Health Insurance advisors will not charge you any type of service fees. Being matched with a health insurance advisor is a free service. The only time you'll be asked for payment is when you choose a plan and are setting up your payment method for your monthly premiums.


How can I verify that AX Health is a trusted Company?

  • Once you are matched with an advisor you may ask them to send you their state license number with which you can verify online at www.NIPR.com.
  • AX Health Insurance advisors are also trained to share their screen with you if you would like to see all the plans they are looking through.

What type of plans does AX Health Insurance offer?

AX Health Insurance is an advising company. We do not have or sell our own health insurance plans. Our advisors are experts on every plan available in the U.S., so they will help you determine and decipher between all your options depending on your specific needs and situation.


Who do I call if I have any questions about my plan?

Once you are matched with an advisor you will have their personal phone number. You many text, call, or email your agent at any time to ask them any questions you may have. If you are needing a fast response and your advisor is unavailable at the time, you may email our support team and we get back to you as soon as possible.


Will I receive spam calls if I submit my information?

AX Health Insurance is a secure site and will never give your phone number to any other company. You will only be contacted by your personal AX Health Insurance advisor.


Can an AX Advisor answer questions about my current plan?

Depending on the type of plan you have, an AX Health Advisor may be able to help you. It is worth being matched with an advisor to see if they can answer your questions.


Will I be able to cancel my plan at any time?

Yes, you will be provided with information on how to cancel your plan if needed. If you are unsure how to do so, your AX Advisor will be able to assist you.


Can AX Advisors help me with group insurance for my company?

AX advisors can help most companies with fewer than 20 employees. If your company has more employees than 20, your AX Advisor can get you in contact with the most qualified group health insurance agent in your area.


Can AX Advisors help me with life insurance?

While AX Advisors are all licensed in life insurance, it is not our specialty. In some cases, we may be able to help with your life insurance needs, but if we cannot, we will help you find the type of life insurance agent that can help.


Can AX Advisors help me with Medicare supplement plans?

If an AX Advisor is unable to help you with the supplemental coverage you are needing, they can get you in contact with the most qualified Medicare agent in your area.


What type of information will my AX Advisor request from me?

In order for your AX Advisor to assist you in finding the right plan you will be asked questions about your income, career, health and medical history, and future medical needs. You will only be asked for more personal information such as your home address when your advisor has found an insurance plan that you want to sign up for. If you are unsure about sharing certain information you may ask your advisor to send you a link that will allow you to watch everything they are seeing and doing on their computer screen.

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One of the most essential elements in deciding on health insurance is the cost. Requesting estimates from multiple providers at the same time is a good approach to avoid overpaying.

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